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Apr 24, 2020

It has happened: Emma has started playing video games! So, we decided to take this opportunity to talk about the Witcher Game and Television Series. Hear some stories about Emma's journey so far, learn a little bit about Czech wine, and hear a preview of Winston's version of "Toss a Coin to Your Witcher." Plus: gruff voices, Winston's History corner, Video Game Shoulder, nonlinear storytelling, Slavic fantasy, and Henry Cavill's abs.

Emma's First Audiobook, Shadowborn: Book 1 of the Light & Shadow Series by Moira Katson, is now on Audible! Listen to it with a free trial on Scribd and Kobo, or purchase it through Apple, Google Play, Chirp, eStories, or Nook!

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Pairing was created, hosted, and produced by Emma Sherr-Ziarko, with music and audio recording by Winston Shaw, and artwork by Darcy Zimmerman and Katie Huey. This episode was edited by Emma Sherr-Ziarko.