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Mar 29, 2018

This week Emma is joined by special guest Zach Libresco to discuss William Shakespeare's spookiest play, Macbeth. Zach and Emma reminisce about their time together performing Shakespeare in college and discuss Zach's most recent experience with the Scottish Play with the Humanist Project. There is much laughter, critical thought, and possibly a visit from the Weird Sisters during a discussion of moral ambiguity and deception, both in Shakespeare and in wine. Find out what oak-aging does to wine, the difference between reading a play and hearing a play, and the Corsican name for Sangiovese. Plus: Hamilton, travel plans, Patrick Stewart, and the land of a thousand grapes.

Stay tuned after the episode for a *Easter Egg*. 

If you want to, check out Emma's Undergraduate Thesis on Shakespearean Villains, "Confronting Evil on the Stage: The Immoral Villain as a Moral Figure", which we discuss in the episode.

Zach Libresco is a member of The Humanist Project, an NYC-based Theater Company. He is working on a podcast of his own, "History, My Dad, and Me", which is coming soon! Follow him on Twitter @zachlibresco.

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