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Sep 14, 2018

Emma is joined by mythology and podcasting guru Julia Schifini to discuss everyone's favorite goofy hunky Norse god, Thor! The general consensus is that whatever Thor would drink, he'd drink a lot of it (so we did). Julia is not only a mythology expert but also knows a ton about the Marvel comics, and enlightens Emma on how much better Natalie Portman's character was originally. Listen to hear us discuss gender politics, why mead fell out of fashion, and cheese! Plus: gender-queer Loki, Joss Whedon, iambic pentameter, New Zealand Chardonnay, Gaelic pronunciation, Kenneth Branagh v. Taika Waititi and Josh Dallas v. Zachary Levi, bad hammer puns, Jeff Goldblum, and Metheglin, the second in our wine-term turned Marvel villain.

Julia is a co-host of Spirits, a boozy dive into myths and legends, as well as a bunch of other Audio Projects! Follow her on Twitter @JuliaSchifini to see all the amazing projects she's working on!

Special thanks to Zach Valenti (@zachvalenti) for lending his studio to our cause. Zach is amazing, check out his Focused AF podcast and his YouTube channel!


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